Recruitment Projects

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Our Recruitment Solution

Are designed to minimize your workload and eliminate the headaches and risks that usually accompany the tedious process of screening, hiring and recruitment

Allow you to choose from variety of services, as per your current recruitment needs.

We are Committed

To place right people in the right job in the right way, as employee turnover harms your bottom line.

To help you use creative ways to hire and retain the right talent, as cost is always involved to recruit, hire and retain the right talent. We help you to cut this cost.

You Can Expect

  • Fast and effective response to your requests
  • Thorough screening process
  • Proven, high-performance employees
  • Quality service and employment at competitive rates

Our Recruitment Services

  • Executive Search & Selection
  • Bulk Recruitment Projects
  • Overseas Recruitment Projects
  • On-Site Recruitment Services
  • Contract Staffing Services
  • Head- Hunting
  • Payroll Management
  • Resume Data Base Access
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Customized Screening Tests

Step 1
Understand, Analyse & Identify Goals

Understand, Analyse & Identify Goals

Career Coach supports you to clarify what you want out of the next stage of your career in order to be able to set concrete goals. This generally produces new insights, expanded options and clearer objectives to guide you along your journey. This is achieved by understanding and analysing your profile through Psychometric Test Reports, Mind Mapping, Analysing your competencies, and other Important aspects.

Know yourself, as being someone else is a waste of the person you are.

Step 2
Identify Strengths & Discuss Resources

Identify Strengths & Discuss Resources

Next, Career Coach, will advise explore how you can best use your strengths and resources to get to your aspired destination. You may discover untapped skills, unrealized opportunities you possess, to help you target your career goals. This is achieved by advising you the current market situation, upcoming market opportunities and threats, understand the salary trends, and UAE labour laws pertaining to your career.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.


Step 3
Make it happen

Make it happen

Finally, develop a Career plan to get to your Career Goal. Career Coach will support you to figure out what it will take to make it happen, by working along with you on any practical or emotional obstacles standing in your way and set you on a path to achieve your most important aspirations for your career. This is achieved by defining a clear career path along with daily/ weekly/ monthly steps, towards your career goal.

As A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish.